How to Spot Depression Symptoms

Depression Symptoms

Do you or someone you know suffer from depression?

Do you or they show depression symptoms or do you even know what to look for?

With so many symptoms of depression diagnosing your depression could be kind of hard to do without a doctor’s help though there are few symptoms to look for to see if you need to be concerned. It’s not all-inclusive. Everyone is different. You may show one or all the depression symptoms. You know you better than anyone else and you know your loved ones. You have to use your judgment to know if you need to consult a physician or not.

Life is hard and sometimes our circumstances get the best of us all. There are many reasons a person may become depressed. The death of a loved one, losing your job, sometimes even the changes inside a woman’s body after giving birth is reason for it. Some people get depressed because of the seasons change. Holidays can often lead to depression because you may not have the money to buy those you love the things you want to get for them.

For most people it’s a short-term and mild depression that goes away on its own in due time. It should gradually get better every day. The problematic depression is that which doesn’t go away on its own but perhaps gets worse and worse with more depression symptoms starting.

It’s important that you discuss depression symptoms with your doctor if you have any real concerns that you or someone you love could be depressed. Depression isn’t good for you or those who are around you. In fact the person who is “depressed” may not even realize that they are depressed. They may just feel lost and alone or confused by everything. That person may need your help to see what is going on.

Do you or someone you care about seem to have difficulty concentrating, making decisions or remembering details about things? Losing interest with things that go on around you or not caring what happens could indicate depression. A depressed person feels that nothing is going to end up going the way they want it to so why worry over it. A depressed person may also lose interest in activities they enjoyed before including a favorite hobby or pastime and quite possibly they will lose interest in sex and/or just simply being intimate with another person on any level.

One of the first and most common of the depression symptoms is that they person will be sad and possibly cry a lot with no apparent reason. You may be talking to them about the weather or some other mundane topic and they get teary eyed or excuse themselves to go cry alone. Crying is a healthy way to let your emotions go, but if it’s over little details it may end up being a big problem!

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Some depression symptoms are fatigue or feeling tired all the time. A depressed person may not seem to have the energy to get out of bed and face the world. They prefer to sleep so they don’t have to think about the issues so much. If it’s an escape they are seeking. Sleep will give it to them. They may also have the opposite issue though, an inability to sleep. Seem agitated or restless. Sometimes a depressed person won’t be able to sit still. They will fidget a lot; need to pace the room, etc. in order to keep themselves from thinking about the problems or to hide from the fact that they have a problem.

Depression SymptomsA depressed person will also have feelings of guilt or helplessness to change the things around them. They may feel that all the issues are just too big for them to deal with which leads to another symptom of depression, the feeling of hopelessness. The worst feeling in the world for people is the inability to change their circumstances. When it becomes more than just an occasional thought or feeling is when you know you have true depression symptoms.

Do you or your loved one get angry or frustrated easy over things that normally they wouldn’t care about? Anger at everyone for everything is a typical depression symptom. The person will lash out to keep themselves distanced from others and to protect themselves and others from more disappointment. They can’t deal with the idea of it any longer so they start to push others away with anger. No one wants to be around a person who is angry all the time over little details. It’s human nature to walk away from the anger, in the depressed person they may use that to hide.

If you are looking for a symptom of depression, is the person gaining or losing weight rapidly? Increase in appetite gives them something else to focus all that anger and irritation on. They have given up caring if they are fat and eating unhealthy foods. If they are losing weight it could be they don’t care enough to eat anymore. It could also show up due to the fact that they sleep all the time when no one else can see it or know about it and are neglecting to eat when hungry preferring to sleep.

The depressed person may suffer aches and pains that never stop and most of the time its non-existent. They won’t get relief even if they take something for pain. It’s not their body that aches but perhaps more so their mind and it’s a very common depression symptom that you can cure!

If the person you know and love seem to show that they feel empty of emotion or a cold attitude about things then that may lead to thoughts of suicide which includes many more extreme depression symptoms.

Luckily, if you or someone you care about is suffering from depression symptoms, there is help available. You do not have to suffer through it alone! Doctors can give medication to ease the depression symptoms. There are counselors you can speak to in order to get the troubles off your shoulders. Support groups, hotlines, name it; you will always find someone to talk to.

Depression Symptoms

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