How to Fight Depression – The First Step

How To Fight Depression

The first step in learning how to fight your depression often means admitting that you are depressed in the first place.  While it has become more and more acceptable to talk about mental and emotional health issues, many people still view them as taboo and have a hard time acknowledging or giving voice to what they are feeling.  This is often compounded by the fact that once depression has taken a hold of your life, it is easy to become isolated and stuck inside your own head.  A limited perspective can feed into your symptoms and prevent you from taking the necessary steps to fight your depression and learn how to live a more balanced life.

Once you have come to terms with the fact that your state of mind is more than just a passing mood or a bad day, you can begin to acquire knowledge that will teach you how to fight depression.  One important step is to reconnect with the activities and people that used to bring you joy.  While it may feel forced at first, simply going through the motions will begin to open you to familiar feelings of happiness.  You might even consider trying new activities and pushing yourself to make new acquaintances.  Everyone who has struggled with how to fight their own depression will tell a different story about their recovery, but the common thread that runs throughout is that they made a conscious decision to put themselves out there even when it didn’t feel comfortable.

The best advice on how to fight depression is to take care of your body first.  It can be a lot harder to mentally deal with your emotions if your body is already run down.  Try to get enough sleep and nourish your body with healthy foods.  Eating too much or not eating enough can significantly affect your stress and energy levels.  Also try and stay away from alcohol.  While self medicating can feel like a quick fix that helps take the edge off some of your pain and discomfort, it is a depressant and will only further degrade your mood and cause your body to be fatigued.  When you do feel the urge to engage in destructive behaviors, make the choice to exercise instead.  Exercise is the single most beneficial thing you can do in order to reprogram your brain and take advantage of your body’s pleasure causing chemicals.   In fact, in some studies, scientists have found that exercising regularly has the same effect as some commonly prescribed depression medications.  Being in motion naturally releases endorphins, which will boost your mood and get you on the path to feeling better.  Get outside, enjoy the fresh air and nature, and get your body moving.

How to Fight DepressionOnce you have immersed yourself among people again and started treating your body right, your next step in learning how to fight depression is to develop ways strategies to get rid of the negative thoughts that have been preoccupying your mind.  Journaling is a great way to get your thoughts down and help stop obsessive thought patterns.  You might also consider volunteering and doing something kind for someone else.  Not only is it a great way to shift your focus, but helping other people is a rewarding experience that boosts self esteem.  If you find that you are unable to silence the negative thoughts on your own, there is always the option of seeking professional help in order to develop better insights on how to fight your depression.  Finding the right person to talk to can often be the catalyst that propels you from simply living with depression, to fighting it head on.

Learning how to fight depression can often be a very personal journey, but there are some basic steps that everyone can benefit from, especially if you are ready to break out of bad habits.  Make sure that you seek out the company of others and avoid spending too much time alone.  Be kind to yourself and your body so that you are better equipped to cope with the mental and emotional struggles you are facing.  Finally, try and consciously move away from negative thought patterns and don’t be afraid to seek out more help when it comes to figuring out exactly how to fight depression.

How To Fight Depression

7 thoughts on “How to Fight Depression – The First Step

  1. I know how it is. I have dealt with depression before many times. But it is crucial to take good care of your body and eat fruits and vegetables, and get some exercise. Even for 5 minutes a day, at first. It does help. The better you feel, the more likely you will keep up good habits to make you feel less depressed and happier.

  2. While you are not there to ever invalidate your feelings and condition, sometimes visiting a homeless shelter or hospital can shift things in perspective for you. I know that when I was going through my bout of depression my therapist suggested that and it did not of course cure it, but I realized that even though I was dealing with depression, I started to count my blessings and it really did help a lot.

  3. I actually did visit a homeless shelter on purpose while going through a depressing time of my life. It made me feel even worse in the end. I felt ashamed for being depressed while seeing those who had the reason to be depressed basically going about their business.

  4. Counting your blessings helps but that alone does not erase it. Depression is an illness that needs to be professionally treated by methods other than looking at the good things in life. It takes work to do too.

  5. Negative patterns are a killer. That will keep you in a downward spiral. If you do one positive thing for 5 minutes a day to start things start looking up such as eating vegetables and even doing a 5 minute workout to start.

  6. Make sure you eat nutritious foods, and drink lots of water. Do not drink soda and lay off of the sugars. Get plenty of sleep. It helps!

  7. Sugar is a killer. I really do endorse organic foods. I don’t think it is necessary to go vegan but if you want to get healthy, physically and mentally, go organic.

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