How to fight depression

Are you wondering how to fight depression? Depression is a serious affliction that not only affects you but your near and dear ones as well. The fact that you’re here is a good sign indicating that you’re interested in taking your first step towards fighting the depression, or perhaps in helping someone who’s dealing with it.

How to fight depression: Understanding the causes and symptoms

The causes of depression can vary from individual to individual. While the root causes are not fully understood yet, research has shown that women in general, those with low self-esteem, those suffering from certain diseases such as cancer and heart attack, those with high anxiety issues and those with a history of depression in their families are at higher risk of suffering from depression.

The onset of depression normally begins with chemical changes in the brain. These changes ultimately affect the body. In the case of diseases, it could well be the reverse: physical changes in your body affect your brain function, resulting in depression. Before you look for ways on how to fight depression though, you need to be sure you actually are suffering from it. Here are some typical symptoms of depression:

  • losing interest in daily activities, especially ones that energized you before
  • inability to sleep, or in some cases, sleeping far too much
  • loss of appetite, or in some cases, overeating
  • feeling worthless and having low self-confidence
  • feeling restless or fatigued
  • constantly arguing with family and friends regarding little matters that did not bother you before
  • having sudden emotional outbursts and suicidal thoughts (this is a major indicator)

How to fight depression: What to do when you’ve identified your condition?

How to fight depressionThe feelings of sadness, guilt and low self-esteem over a prolonged period of time can lead to stress, anxiety and depression. What is important is to identify and understand your state of mind and then seek professional help. You can always approach your friends and family to support you in fighting depression. Talk to any doctor, psychiatrist or counselor and take medical advice. Medication and drugs may be necessary when dealing with clinical depression (that means your depression symptoms last over 2 weeks). However, there are many other alternative treatments and methods you can try first to improve your overall mental health. Throughout your journey in figuring out how to fight depression, never forget to adhere to the following:

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Sleep for at least 7 hours daily, and do not exceed 9 hours. Relaxation of the mind is necessary to relieve depression, but don’t overdo it or you’ll feel sluggish and tired throughout the day. If you are unable to fall asleep, try to keep your eyes closed and think of the happy times you’ve experienced in life.

Eat healthily and at equal intervals“You are what you eat”. A healthy, balanced diet can do wonders to the brain structure which can help curb depression. Cook a lavish meal for yourself and invite a few of your friends to enjoy special lunches with them. Food with low fats and refined carbohydrates is advisable. Mood-boosting foods with high protein and chromium would stabilize your energy level and make you feel good.

Interact more with your loved ones or with new acquaintances. You can try going to gyms, clubs and socializing spots to build new relationships and strengthen your existing ones. If at all possible, get your loved ones to learn how to fight depression as well, so that they can provide adequate support for you.

Listen to soothing music or join art classes. This would help you relax and release your negative thoughts.

Pamper yourself by throwing a party at home and inviting your old friends with whom you had lost touch for years. Go shopping or hit the nearby vacation spot with your loved ones. Be sure to balance this though; indulging in your own comforts all day long can be detrimental.

Go outdoors frequently! Even a short daily walk around the neighborhood is better than staying indoors all day.

Exercise. Endorphins released as a result of exercise can lift your mood substantially. Exercise is one of the most effective tools you will find in your quest to learn how to fight depression.

    • Try to erase the negative thoughts and tragedies from your life and imagine a better life ahead.
    • Volunteer. Indulging in one’s own pain and suffering is a comfort taken for granted by many people in developed countries. Consider volunteer work to focus your thoughts away from your own pain and towards helping others instead.
    • While it may seem bleak now, you do not know what the future holds exactly. Do not isolate yourself; try to always be in a group, surrounded by your loved ones.

Understanding how to fight depression is an important first step. The next step is to actually take action. Do not feel embarrassed to seek help before depression jeopardizes your life. We welcome your comments below. For more information on how to fight depression, scroll to the bottom of this page for our most recent posts!

How To Fight Depression

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  1. I still need help because Im afraid to discuss it with my family I answered yes to all of those signs except 1 or 2 and I also tried to talk to my friends but they don’t take me seriously

    • I’ll listen to you anytime you need. you can also find me on facebook under todd michael osborne. my pic is of pac man.

    • Perhaps the people who don’t take you seriously are not the ones who are going to help you get out of depression. If you are serious about managing depression, find help from someone who cares enough to support you.

  2. really i enjoyed reading this topic it is rich in informations and covers all the questions we want to ask. I recognize that i’m in one of depression stages i became horrible no one can handle me my mood is unstable and most of the timd i’m nervous shouting and taking bad decisions which make me regret for taking it my family are the most affected people. I feel discomfort in gathering and there i feel that i’m stranger, i don’t intervene alot in cònversations and i keep my mouth close and also feel that i’m neglected and worthless and geallous from the nearest people in my life. Really all these affect my thoughts and my life i need help i knew the magnitude of my problem and i don’t want to retreat so please advice me more and more thanks

    • Hello sheryl,

      I have been battling depression because of my partner’s many betrayals. I would love to talk to you about it.

      Please respond back to me here, so we can empathize with each other.

  3. I am always thinking about suicide I am a failure , useless and worthless , I never did any thing that can be of a good outcome , always source of noise and disruption , no passion in life and very annoying
    can you help me

    • you control your thoughts but your depression compound when you are having a bad day as a normal functioning human your favourite dinner or tv show might ‘cheer you up’.a bad day with depression means you cant physically see a reason to get out of bed!you think what is the point in being here because your life seems worthless.and the more you stay in bed the more worthless your life get caught in a viscious circle and cant get out.even if you do get out its still turning right behind you sucking you back in!!so you fight daily just to ‘cheer up’!! so I know I control my own thoughts but the chemicals in my brain also get their say!

  4. I really like your article. It is to the point and has some great advice. My particular area of interest is changing mindset and getting people active. I think that when people get active they give themselves a rest from negative thoughts at least whilst they are exercising.

    • Thanks Annette I believe the more information and knowledge we deliver to people the more likely they are to identify and understand the causes of depression.

  5. I have battled depression my whole life too and these are excellent suggestions. The thing is, when you are very depressed you don’t really feel like exercising or eating well. But it is crucial, and one thing that should be motivating is you need to be there for your loved ones. Once you get back on track you will find other interests to keep you going as well.

  6. Exercise is actually one thing you can do to lessen the symptoms of depression. I know in my case it has helped and when you are depressed it is very hard to get that extra push but if you truly want to get better you need to push yourself. Think about why life is worth living and if we all dig deep down we will find it.

  7. Exercise is so crucial when dealing with depression. Going for a brisk walk raises serotonin levels. You may not be happy-go-lucky-sunshine after taking a nice fast pace walk but you will definitely feel better and feel you can at least face the world to a degree.

  8. The last thing you want to do when in a dark hole due to depression is to pamper yourself, but it really does help lift the clouds. I am not talking about getting a huge sundae which will make things worse. Go get a manicure or haircut, it helps a lot.

  9. I am prone to depression myself and I do everything I can to keep myself busy all of the time. I may suffer from it still and still have that down feeling meaning I am not “happy”. But overall I am active and busy and purposely keep the depression from getting the best of me.

  10. Diet and exercise play a huge role on fighting depression. Stay away from refined sugars and transfats. That makes things worse.

  11. I have battled depression for 15 years unresponsive to multiple drug regimens and even ECT. It is difficult for love-ones to fully understand the paralyzing impact this entity has. Do you think that I wake up each morning wanting to feel sad? I try to keep busy but this debilitating illness is always lurking in the back-ground. I would give absolutely anything, anything to rid myself of this mind-set.

  12. Depression can really be paralyzing. I understand that. But in order to get better you have to want it. If you don’t want it things will just keep getting worse and worse. I do feel it is necessary to talk to a therapist who can keep you on track and help you remain accountable for making positive changes within yourself in order to overcome the depression such as eating well and exercising, and talking to others. All crucial to do for your well being.

  13. It is crucial to get enough sleep. I bet many cases of depression is due to lack of sleep. I know in my case it was and when I was getting between 7-8 hours of proper sleep the depression was a lot less.

  14. Omega 3’s definitely help in regards to depression. It helps raise serotonin levels naturally. Exercise and a proper diet is a must too like the article had stated. Depression is real but it is treatable.

  15. Get close to family and friends. Express your true feeling to your doctor. Although relieving, DO NOT SELF MEDICATE with alcohol/drugs. This will make your situation worse, trust me I’ve ben down that road. Keep faith in the Lord.

  16. I believe I have depression, though I have not gone to the Dr to have it diagnosed. I have a wonderful family but I am also miserable because I have no sex life. My wife had a hysterectomy a number of years ago which pretty much ended the sex. I have 3 kids that are wonderful and never get into trouble. I find myself getting drowsy driving home from work and any time I sit down. I have to stay active or I get moody. I don’t know what else to say except please pray for me.

  17. I have been battling depression medication free for the last few years.I have good days and bad days,but recently its been a lot more bad.I tried all the suggestions listed above in the past but I am currently injured and so cant exercise,my husband is out of work and so we dont have money to go out and do nice things,I have to stay in my job even though i know it is the main route of my depression due to difficult work relationships.I recently had my 2 closest friends turn their backs on me because of my depression and they were sick of listening to me moan!My husband has a teenage son who has recently started shouting at me and disrepecting me.I live a long way from family and try not to worry them.I know its a rut,but when everything hits together its hard to get through it.I work in healthcare and I see the stigma associated with medicating for depression-but i feel I need the extra help.I dont want my colleagues to know if iv been medicated but I could lose my job if I dont disclose it…..what to do??

  18. I believe i have depression. I have not seen a doctor to be certain. But i am finding it harder to see why i am still here. I am a college student and these past couple weeks have not been the best and i don’t know why because the work hasn’t changed much. I find myself thinking suicidal thoughts on and off for a few years now. I try my best to find little stuff to keep me from thinking, but at the end i always end up not being able to sleep and just becoming extremely sad…

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  20. I have suffered with depression for decades. Medications certainly help but you don’t always get on the right meds the first try. Realize that there are many good anti depression (AD) meds out there. If the one you’re presently taking doesn’t work for you or worked for a while and pooped out let your doctor know. They understand the pharmacology of the meds and knowing that medication “A” doesn’t work will help them prescribe something that does work. Speaking as a person that has taken several different AD’s over the years, I’m saying that there’s probably an AD out there that will help you. A lot. If you don’t have faith in your doctor or don’t like him get a new one. People switch therapist and doctors all the time.

    I think the one thing that has always made me feel better is exercise. Joining the Y or a gym, taking the group classes or getting a trainer would be great but not everyone can do that. Taking a brisk walk or maybe even not so brisk depending on what kind of shape your in, will make you feel better. I’m in a cold climate and it makes me feel warmer for a few hours after exercise.

    If you are suffering from depression and you can walk, just getting some exercise is the fastest picker-upper I know of. (seems like getting in to see a doc can take a month or more, and then the meds take weeks to kick in)

    My brain works better, I get more done, feel warmer etc. if I get some kind of exercise early in the day. I feel better, look better and I’m more productive when I exercise regularly and that helps my mood a lot.

    If you’re reading this you probably are hurting in one way or another. I wish you the best and hope you’re feeling better soon. You KNOW I know how you feel.

  21. What if I’m the one their avoiding, it seems that dont like me to go along wherever they go or if they have gigs. Its so really hard for me so what I do, i avoid them first so they won’t have the hard time on avoiding me but it really hurts me and it sucks coz they were all my friends before so I always end up crying…I don’t want to feel this anymore but also I dont want to force my self to them… sorry just end up in your column..thanx anyways

  22. I think i am depressded. Im not the joyful fun loving bubbly person i used to be… I wake up late coz i feel i dont want to face the world. I feel im under so much pressure and that im a big disappointment.

  23. I’m suffering from depression amd have been for years. I’m seeing a counselor,but it really isn’t helping much. I hate myself. I’m fat, I’m getting old now with numerous health problems. I have had so many family problems over the years that it is just hard to cope. I have one son who is addited to meth. He has almost died 3 times. Once was from being stabbed in the neck, he die on the operating table but they were able to save him. He had lost all his blood and since his heart wasn’t able to pump oxegen to the brain he isn’t the same. His dad (whom I have been divorced from for 9 years is an acoholic) and him live together in filth, and it really depresses me. I’m afraid my son is going to die from a drug overdose. This is only the beginning. I could write a book about drive-by shooting at our house and on and on. It neverstops. I’m sitting here now itching all over my body, no rash it has to be nerves or something. I need God’s help.

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