Helping a loved one with a depressive disorder

Has the thought of how to help someone with depression ever crossed your mind? We all understand what it feels like to be depressed – or do we? While feeling moody or gloomy every now and then is normal, more severe cases of depression can linger on for days or months or even years. If a loved one is suffering from depression every single day, then you’ll need to step in to help them overcome it.

You can try to get them to lead a healthy lifestyle. First, try suggesting to them to eat more healthily. Food greatly affects your mood, and natural remedies such as Vitamin C are great for fighting depression. Remind them to get plenty of rest and to stay well-hydrated at all times.

Just a simple walk daily with them can help greatly. The breath of fresh air can do wonders to one’s mood. You will likely initially encounter high resistance from the person as they cannot find the motivation to get out of bed, let alone start any form of exercise. Keep pushing them gently, letting them know they can join you anytime. When they do eventually manage to drum up the energy to start exercising, they will be more likely to continue exercising if they do it with a friend or family member, than if they were to do it alone.

As you’re figuring out how to help someone with depression, you’ll soon discover that talking can be of great help. As you exercise together, try to get them to open up to you. Being able to talk to someone without being judged is very beneficial when dealing with depression. Initially, the conversations are likely to be more general in nature, as the depressed person is not quite ready to reveal their true feelings. Keep listening to them and do not push them too hard. Most importantly, do not judge them or lose your temper with them when they do reveal their thoughts or feelings. Be prepared to deal with dark, bleak thoughts.

Another good answer to the question of how to fight depression is to perform voluntary work. Go with the person suffering from depression to help others in need. Doing this can give them a sense of purpose in life, and can lift them out of their depressive mood.

Learning how to help someone with depression is a noble but not easy task. People suffering from severe cases of depression simply cannot see the point of doing anything. Understand this, and continue giving them daily motivation, and never lose hope that they will overcome it one day.

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