End Your Depression Review

Review By Valerie Drew.

I recently came across an ebook called “End Your Depression: How to use nature and the power of your mind to overcome the pain of depression” (click here to view the ebook’s listing) by Cecil Ellis. Basically, it promised a treatment plan that was a natural alternative to anti-depressant medication. It seemed interesting to me, as someone trying to overcome depression, so I decided to take a look at it. This is my personal review of the book.

What is it?

The ebook is downloadable as a .PDF file containing over 70 pages of information and is divided into 3 main chapters. The book was written by Cecil Ellis, a psychologist and nutrition specialist who has personally dealt with clinical depression for nearly 20 years, and researched heavily on the topic.

The pages of the book are laid out in an aesthethically-pleasing manner (no tiny fonts or cramped text here), with soothing colors and several pictures to break up the monotony of text.

The first chapter is around 25 pages and deals with basic information on depression, including depression symptoms, the different types, the causes, how to tell if someone is suffering from depression (including a helpful depression questionnaire), and conventional treatments (including a list of antidepressants and medications) and how they work. It also has a section outlining the link between depression and anxiety. If you have little to no knowledge about depression, this first chapter itself will be a goldmine of information that will help you quickly understand depression and the conventional treatments available to you.

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The second chapter of the book (around 22 pages) talks about alternative treatments and dealing with depression naturally, no matter what your depression type is. It discusses the side effects of conventional treatments, and why natural treatment might be a suitable alternative for you. It provides details on the brain’s own natural anti-depressants (e.g. serotonin and dopamine), and how you can regulate your feelings and emotions naturally. This includes adequate sleep and healthy nutrition which can help you overcome your depression (e.g. “good” fats vs “bad” fats). The chapter outlines why not every diet will work equally for everyone, and how to make sure your diet fits you. Other alternative treatments described include herbs and other helpful supplements (full details of these products are provided), as well as sunlight and information on how to get your body’s internal clock in sync.

The final chapter, which to me is really the main meat of the book, and uniquely separates it from many other books on depression, is around 20 pages and discusses the power of mindfulness, or how thoughts create emotion. The chapter lists and describes activities or healing arts you can engage in to take care of your mind, and explains why engaging your mind is critical to keep depression at bay. Techniques to cultivate your mindfulness, including a section on “how to breathe”, which I personally found to be very effective, are also described in detail.

Last but not least, the final few pages of the book includes a summary listing of the main ideas presented in the book, which you can follow to treat your depression. This acts as a useful checklist you can use as a guide to end your depression.

End Your Depression Review – Is it worth the price?

Overall, I would say this ebook is well worth the price of $37. Learning how to overcome my depression and actually putting it into practice successfully is certainly worth (much, much) more than $37 to me! And let’s not forget that it includes several FREE bonuses (detailed below). The book’s packed with quality information written in a very concise manner, and by a psychologist who has actually struggled with depression and researched heavily on the topic for almost 20 years.

If you want to know all there ever is to know about depression, and how you can finally end it, or how you can help someone overcome it, this is probably the one book you’ll ever need to read. Best of all, as a bonus, you get free lifetime updates, so you can be assured of always receiving any breaking new ideas or products for depression treatment.

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End Your Depression Review – Any disadvantages?

The main gripe I have is that it’s not available in hardcopy. I personally like reading informational books such as these in hardcopy (I’m a bit traditional), away from my computer. However, you can always print out all 70+ pages of the book if you really need to (I didn’t, since I’m trying to overcome this habit in order to save trees). Besides, with hardcopies, future updates might be cumbersome to deliver.

One other minor gripe is that the book contains a couple of typos. They stood out to me because I’m a bit of a spelling freak, but chances are, most normal readers won’t even notice.

End Your Depression Review – What about those bonuses?

Apart from the lifetime update mentioned above, the product comes with 3 other FREE bonuses. These are 3 other helpful ebooks: “The Anti-Depression Diet“, “Anxiety and Depression” and “Weight Loss and Depression“. The “Anti-Depression Diet” will be of interest to most readers as it expands on the section on nutrition in the “End Your Depression” book. “Weight Loss and Depression” will prove useful to anyone wanting to know how to tackle both weight issues and depression simultaneously (and how they are both intertwined), while “Anxiety and Depression” will be useful to anyone struggling with both of those conditions.

End Your Depression Book

End Your Depression Review – Refund policy

I remember the first time I wanted to buy a digital product online, and being worried that it would turn out to be some kind of scam (happily, it wasn’t!). If you’re still on the fence about purchasing this ebook online, and have similar fears, then you’ll want to know that this ebook is being sold through the Clickbank marketplace.

Clickbank is a reputable, leading merchant site where different vendors can put up their digital products to be sold and marketed (Clickbank handles the payment procedures), and all vendors who sell through it must offer a 60-day, full money-back guarantee. If you do not glean any new information from this ebook, or find the information useless, then simply request a refund through Clickbank or email the author within 60 days and you will get your full money back, no questions asked. In other words, you have absolutely nothing to lose besides the time spent ordering, downloading and reading. Chances are high, though, that you’ll likely find your purchase to be well worth the money spent.

End Your Depression Review – Summarising the pros

  • Quality information on the topic of depression, written in a concise manner
  • Aesthethically-pleasing with a well-spaced text layout, reasonably-sized font and soothing colors, as well as pictures to break the monotony of text
  • Author is a psychologist/nutrition specialist who has personally struggled with depression and researched on the topic for nearly 20 years
  • Everything you wanted to know about depression, conventional treatments as well as alternative treatments, all in an easy-to-read, downloadable .PDF file, at a reasonable price tag
  • Useful FREE bonuses: 3 additional ebooks and lifetime updates
  • 60-day full money-back guarantee. If you find the information is useless, simply request a refund within 60 days via Clickbank or email to the author, and your money will be fully refunded, no questions asked

End Your Depression Review – The cons :

  • Not available in hardcopy! (On the upside, you get to save trees)
  • Couple of typos (though they do not detract from the main content at all)

End Your Depression Review – Bottomline

Depression is not something that you can overcome in a single day; it does take ongoing effort. The “End Your Depression” ebook contains a goldmine of genuinely helpful information. Put the information to action, and you will almost assuredly see progressive results, even if they may start off small. I have personally experienced these positive results after just a few days. I highly recommend the book to anyone, both men and women, young or old, wanting to know more about clinical depression, whether you’re a new or long-time sufferer of seasonal depression, postpartum depression, major depression, or just wanting to help someone else suffering from those conditions.

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