Don’t let your depression ruin your life

Understanding how to fight depression and how to prevent it from ruining your life can be a difficult task. Sufferers of clinical depression usually can tell that there is something not quite right with the way they’re feeling, but some may feel as if they deserve to be in this condition due to their misplaced feelings of guilt.

Depression is definitely a real thing. Though in some cases it is caused by chemical imbalances in the brain, it is not, figuratively speaking, “all in the mind”. It is a real illness. You need to treat it as such and take steps to fight depression, and not just half-heartedly hope to will it away.

The chemical imbalances in your brain can occur after prolonged periods of harboring negative thoughts and feelings of negativity, or after a series of highly stressful events. This imbalance can be fixed with time and effort.

The mood-related chemicals are mainly monoamines. These include serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine. Those suffering from depression typically have a low count of such chemicals. Studies have suggested that the reason for this low count may be due to an increase in the enzyme which breaks down such chemicals. The ultimate cause for this, however, is still not clear.

As you read up on how to fight depression, you’ll probably have heard of medication for it. The common treatment for clinical depression is to increase the level of the afore-mentioned chemicals, particularly dopamine, in your brain. For less severe cases of depression, thinking positively and having happy thoughts will naturally increase the count of these chemicals.

This is not, by any means, a quick fix. You can force yourself to have happy thoughts, and your mood may even lift temporarily for the moment, but you will slide back into depression if you do not keep it up. With consistent effort, however, your results will be more long-lasting and you will have taken an important step in preventing depression from ruining your life.

The most important step in your journey of learning how to fight depression is to actually take the step towards starting your recovery. You need to focus the energies you have left into a positive lifestyle with a positive attitude and thinking. Do not give up if the recovery seems slow at first. Remember that you are in charge of your thoughts and that you can do something to change your condition.

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