What You Need to Know about Depression

Symptoms Of Depression


Sir Winston Churchill was said to have suffered from bouts of depression that was so severe that he called them “Black Dog”. The great man, per account of his closest friend, Lord Beaverbrook, was either on top mood swings of having overconfidence; or at the bottom pits with severe depression. Evidence that connects Sir Winston Churchill to having symptoms of depression is as follows:

1. Belligerence – he was combative in dealing with people. He was arrogant, brusque and overbearing. He was known for monologues that could last for hours on end without let up.

2. Big Spender – he had money troubles all the time due to his extravagance nature and refusal to budget his finances.

3. Abnormal Working Hours – his days started at 8am till 2 to 4am of the following day. This had been documented by his staff that was expected to fit their working schedules with his.

4. Lack of Propriety and Inhibition – he officiated his meetings, with his colleagues and cabinet secretaries in attendance, by wearing a bathrobe or pink silk underwear. He was on a state of undressed while walking around the house at times, and even held his cabinet meetings while submerged in his bathtub.

5. Productive writer – most of his income was derived from writing. He wrote fast and produced tons of work at great speed. At his death bed, tons of articles and books at varying length were found among his personal effects.

6. Grandiosity – he was known to dislike other people’s opinion. He had unwavering belief in himself and of his self-importance. He had visions of his place in history, and be part of its grand destiny. Most of his high profile actions and speeches can attest to the specific character of this great man.

symptoms of depressionEvidence linking Sir Winston Churchill with having symptoms of depression are not meant to disparage the man, nor is intended to diminish his legacy to the world. This great man’s leadership and courage during the darkest moments in history would make everybody remember that he is one historic giant worth emulating.

Historical accounts however, had convincing evidence to tie Sir Winston Churchill with manic depression. What evidence would show is that it is possible to recover from depression, and have a fruitful and successful life, despite of it – like Sir Winston Churchill.

It had been the belief of some, that Sir Winston’s achievements may have been the result of his mood swings and not in spite of it. The argument was that – had he been composed and serene, he would not have the eloquence to inspire a nation. He went against the tide when all the odds were stacked against him. His bravado gave rise to a great leader and the resurgence of Great Britain in the 1940’s.

How Do You Cope With Depression?

Most people experience varying cycles of mood disorders. Little incidents – like losing a love one, getting fired, receiving a hurtful comment and having a challenging day, among others, can put us into an emotional spiral that can lead to depression. If these incidents affect us for short periods of time, then that would be alright. However, if the feelings of sadness would last for longer periods, then that may be the onset of severe depression.

Depression can be debilitating if the person gets overwhelmed by it, to the extent that they can no longer cope with everyday life. This inability to lead a normal and fruitful life is known as Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) or Unipolar Depression, among others. The impact of this chronic disorder can be so severe that it may be akin to having diabetes, among other debilitating disorders.

Among The Known Symptoms of Depression Are as Follows:

Unabated state of loneliness and sadness

Being lonely and sad is part of being alive. You experience it once in a while but you get over it, after sometime. Your loneliness may be attributable to some reasons, like personal loss or turmoil in a love relationship. This state of overwhelming pain would be like street humps that you encounter in the streets every day. You may get jolted, surprised and experienced some pain even – but you get over it after a minute or two.

A problem arises, however, if loneliness and pain stays for a longer period of time. The intensity of this affliction can become chronic when the person ceases to function in his everyday life. He would have feelings of hopelessness, helplessness and would have difficulty experiencing joys in everyday life. There would be thoughts of self-worthlessness and crying fits. If you encounter these mood swings, you have depression.

Persistent anxiety, worry and difficulty in decision making

People who are in a state of constant emotional reflux would find it hard to decide on simple everyday things. They will create problems and situations for every decision that would eventually make them unable to decide. People who are depressed would worry about the small things and would have constant fears on any decision that they would have to make.

If you find yourself with sweaty hands and having tremors while deciding on what to do, then that would be a clear indication that you may be in a state of depression. In these instances, you may have persistent doubts on your ability to decide. What happens next, is you become irritable on your apparent inadequacies. This may lead to an angry outburst either directed to yourself or to others. If trivialities are making you sick and decision making suddenly becomes difficult, you may be experiencing the onset of a depression.

Feelings of self-hatred leading to thoughts of self-harm and suicide

People, who may be encountering feelings of self-hatred to the extent that they would want to harm themselves or commit suicide, would need professional help right away. Among the symptoms of depression, this is the stage where a person would be considered as most dangerous. At this state, there is need for psychiatric intervention to help abate the situation to keep the patient from harm’s way.


Depression is considered as a serious illness that can affect a person gravely. It is an illness that can be treated by a good support system, the inherent desire of the person to get well, and through medical and psychiatric intervention. Fighting depression would be easy, if you don’t undermine it, and consider it as a sickness that needs to be cured right away. You have to listen to your body. See if the symptoms of depression are creeping in and do something about.

If you are aware on how depression can devastate you, then you come in prepared to fight the war. Your armaments would include: eating balanced nutrition, getting an adequate amount of rest and sleep, exercising, and having a positive outlook in life. The latter would entail enjoying the little things – a nice sunset, a lovely flower in the pavement, a sweet smile from a neighbor, little courtesies, a child’s shriek, birds flying on the horizon, and other small little things that makes the world a lovely place to be in.

Symptoms Of Depression

How to Fight Depression – The First Step

How To Fight Depression

The first step in learning how to fight your depression often means admitting that you are depressed in the first place.  While it has become more and more acceptable to talk about mental and emotional health issues, many people still view them as taboo and have a hard time acknowledging or giving voice to what they are feeling.  This is often compounded by the fact that once depression has taken a hold of your life, it is easy to become isolated and stuck inside your own head.  A limited perspective can feed into your symptoms and prevent you from taking the necessary steps to fight your depression and learn how to live a more balanced life.

Once you have come to terms with the fact that your state of mind is more than just a passing mood or a bad day, you can begin to acquire knowledge that will teach you how to fight depression.  One important step is to reconnect with the activities and people that used to bring you joy.  While it may feel forced at first, simply going through the motions will begin to open you to familiar feelings of happiness.  You might even consider trying new activities and pushing yourself to make new acquaintances.  Everyone who has struggled with how to fight their own depression will tell a different story about their recovery, but the common thread that runs throughout is that they made a conscious decision to put themselves out there even when it didn’t feel comfortable.

The best advice on how to fight depression is to take care of your body first.  It can be a lot harder to mentally deal with your emotions if your body is already run down.  Try to get enough sleep and nourish your body with healthy foods.  Eating too much or not eating enough can significantly affect your stress and energy levels.  Also try and stay away from alcohol.  While self medicating can feel like a quick fix that helps take the edge off some of your pain and discomfort, it is a depressant and will only further degrade your mood and cause your body to be fatigued.  When you do feel the urge to engage in destructive behaviors, make the choice to exercise instead.  Exercise is the single most beneficial thing you can do in order to reprogram your brain and take advantage of your body’s pleasure causing chemicals.   In fact, in some studies, scientists have found that exercising regularly has the same effect as some commonly prescribed depression medications.  Being in motion naturally releases endorphins, which will boost your mood and get you on the path to feeling better.  Get outside, enjoy the fresh air and nature, and get your body moving.

How to Fight DepressionOnce you have immersed yourself among people again and started treating your body right, your next step in learning how to fight depression is to develop ways strategies to get rid of the negative thoughts that have been preoccupying your mind.  Journaling is a great way to get your thoughts down and help stop obsessive thought patterns.  You might also consider volunteering and doing something kind for someone else.  Not only is it a great way to shift your focus, but helping other people is a rewarding experience that boosts self esteem.  If you find that you are unable to silence the negative thoughts on your own, there is always the option of seeking professional help in order to develop better insights on how to fight your depression.  Finding the right person to talk to can often be the catalyst that propels you from simply living with depression, to fighting it head on.

Learning how to fight depression can often be a very personal journey, but there are some basic steps that everyone can benefit from, especially if you are ready to break out of bad habits.  Make sure that you seek out the company of others and avoid spending too much time alone.  Be kind to yourself and your body so that you are better equipped to cope with the mental and emotional struggles you are facing.  Finally, try and consciously move away from negative thought patterns and don’t be afraid to seek out more help when it comes to figuring out exactly how to fight depression.

How To Fight Depression

How to Fight Depression

How To Fight Depression

It is now as clear as the skies that depression affects more than a million people in United States of America. To some, this figure may seem as subtle but the truth of the matter is, the figure keeps on rising by the day. Before we know it, things might get out of hand and more lives may be lost as there are already several souls lost to depression. One sad thing about this situation is the fact that it can be prevented easily. It all begins by grasping the essential tips of how to fight depression.

Depression is one of the most common emotional disorders and can be manifested in varying degrees.  This can be from feelings of sadness and hopelessness to feelings of utter misery and even rejection. It is at this point that the first step should be taken.  If for one reason or another you feel stressed, do not by any chance allow the stressful situation to metamorphose into depression. It may be too late by then and even the best tips on how to fight depression may be too little too late. Well, you may say that these tips are easier said than done. But let us break them into pieces and see how it goes.

how to fight depressionExercising is one of the best ways on how to fight depression. All you need is just 15 or 30 minutes of a brisk walk or jogging on a daily basis. You can also bike or swim if you prefer. If you are severely depressed, the thought of exercising may not even hit your mind or you may lack the urge to do it, but do it anyway.  You may ask a friend to help you bike around or even accompany you to the gym. Exercising helps you to remain active and facilitates blood circulation throughout the body. It will only take two or three days before you can notice a change in your mood.  Apart from these aerobic exercises, there are some yoga poses that can be helpful in reliving you of depression. The best of the best when it comes to yoga practices is meditation and breathing practices. But please note that all yoga practices can only be helpful to any depressed person if supervised by a qualified yoga expert.

Nutrition also plays a major role when it comes to fighting depression. You may not feel like eating if you are depressed, but you still have to force yourself to eat. Surprisingly there are those people who often overeat when they get depressed, when it comes to such a point, please note that too much of anything is always poisonous. You can easily gain weight or develop digestive disorders. The best you can o therefore is to always ensure that you never skip a meal and that all the meals should be well balanced, full of green vegetables, fruits and enough water. Proper or rather the right nutrition can influence your energy as well as moods.

Then there is the most important fact that everyone should know. When it comes to learning how to fight depression, this factor should never be singled out. You have to identify what is causing the depression in the first place before you can try to do anything about this. Once you identify the depressing situation, you may be amazed to find out that it started as a stressful situation and if you would have handled it well at that point, then things would be much better. Identify the stressful situation but do not dwell on it. Release the feeling by opening up to a friend. As it is said by several people, a problem shared is a problem half solved. If it is a person causing you the problems, avoid the person. If it is a relationship may be your dating life or even marriage, then the best you can do is to seek professional help.

Then there is the opening up remedy. You may be amazed that this too is one aspect of how o fight depression. Exploring your imagination will open up your mind and help you to focus on the brighter side of things. Draw, paint or even write. Then if the worst comes to the worst, do not hesitate even for a moment to visit psychologist.

How To Fight Depression

Herbal Cures for Depression

How To Fight Depression

There is absolutely no doubt at all that depression and cases of depression are ever on the increase. The saddest part of this fact is that there are some lives being lost out there, something that can be easily prevented. Well, that is just the bitter part of the truth. To stay safe, there are one or two things that you can always consider so as to fight depression and even to prevent it. You do not need to know everything about how to fight depression. Just the basics will keep you going and help you save your skin. From there, you can not only help yourself to fight this common emotional disorder but also help your family and friends to put up a spirited fight against depression.

One of the basic or rather fundamental principles when leaning how to fight depression is to first identify the depressing factor or situation. In simpler terms, this means identifying what is causing one to be depressed and doing something about it. The best one can do is to avoid dwelling on the depressing situation. It should however be noted that this does not mean by any chance ignoring the stressing situation.

how to fight depressionThen there is the second step which is equally important just as the first one. This is to identify the signs or rather symptoms of depression. It is very easy and anyone can do it. The only challenge is to identify the symptoms if you are the one suffering from depression. A good number of people suffering from depression always end up brushing aside the symptoms as just minor issues. That is where the problem often begins as any stressful thing if ignored, will without a doubt turn out to be depressing.  But have no worries at all if you or anyone you know is depressed. Like already hinted, there are things that you can do to put the situation under control.

Work out as often as you can. If possible, do it on a regular basis. Jog around in the evening, swim or just cycle for thirty minutes. This will facilitate enough blood supply to the brain and will help you to feel relaxed. What is even more, you will be able to focus on just improving your body system and will even forget the depressing factor. Remember that excering goes hand in hand with a healthy eating habit. So ensure that your meals are always balanced, full of green vegetables, fruits and enough water.

When it comes to herbal cures for depression, St. John’s Wort stands out as the best of the best. It works better than most antidepressant prescription drugs as it posses fewer side effects. It should however be noted that the use of this herb for depression should only be limited to standardized St. John’s Wort herbs only. These herbs are rich in hyperforin, which is a substitute that is highly effective when it comes to getting rid of depression.

Omega 3 fatty acids are also good and effective depression cures.  They are extremely essential for effective or rather normal functions of the brain and they can help you to relax. Low dietary intakes of omega three fatty acids can lead to depression. That is as far as research indicates.   Omega three fatty acids are found in sea foods such as fish.  That is precisely why the depression rates in countries where people consume lots of seafood, is much lower than the depression rates in North America. Surprisingly, it is in North America where people know almost everything about how to fight depression. This only proves a point that knowing how to fight depression is not just enough when it comes to treating depression. You just have to use the knowledge like you are supposed to.

Then when all is said and done, remember that for you to be depression free, you just have to have the will. Open up your heart to friends and let them know what is bugging you. Read more blogs and sites that offer tips on how to fight depression. This way, you will learn a lot and take advantage of the dark hours to benefit from the situation that would have otherwise killed you or just derive you of the energy you so much need for optimum health and wellbeing.


How To Fight Depression

Home Remedies for Depression

Home Remedies For Depression

It is normal for all human beings to feel depressed at one point or another in their lives. The only bad thing about it is how one copes up with the situation or when he or she allows depression to put him down. In very simply terms depression can de described or rather defined as blue, sad, miserable and unhappy or down in the bumps feeling.  Psychologists refer to it as a mood disorder whereby feelings of loss, anger, sadness and frustration interfere with the normal everyday life for days, weeks and sometimes even longer.

It is important to keep in mind that while depression cannot be avoided, it can be put under control and gradually cured. But much of the available treatment depends on the patient and how willing he or she is to relax the mind. Such things as drug and alcohol abuse, death, marital problems, love affairs play big roles in depression. If you can do without them, avoid them like a plague.

Home Remedies for Depression Symptoms of depression include feelings of sadness and hopelessness, insomnia or oversleeping, overeating and sometimes lack of appetite and anger. Treatment varies from psychotherapy to use of stimulants and laxatives. If you are already depressed, do not ignore it. Seek immediate expert assistance before it eats you up.

Before resorting to tinctures and concoctions, it is very important to note that diet and depression are interrelated. If you observe poor dietary habits, then there are high chances that you will not be successful in trying to get rid of depression. As such, it is highly recommended that you always observe your meals throughout the day and even at night. Ensure that your meals are all balanced, full of green leafy veggies, fruits and enough water. Avoid skipping meals unless you have the right reasons to do so. Eating fruit snacks during the day can also help you a lot when it comes to fighting depression using home remedies for depression.

Working out is a good home remedy for depression. It facilitates enough supply of blood to the brain as well as the entire body. Try jogging, biking or even swimming for at least 30 minutes daily and you will note the difference in your moods. Yoga practices can go a long way in helping you to fight depression. But please note that you have to practice yoga under the supervision of a yoga therapist who knows the ins and outs of yoga practices.

Consumption of apple fruits is also one of the best home remedies for depression. It is rich in chemical substances like phosphorus, vitamin B and potassium that can facilitate synthesis of glutamic acid which controls the wear and tear factors in the nerve cells. For best results when using apple as one of the home remedies for depression, take the fruits with milk and honey. The mixture will act as an effective nerve tonic and will even recharge your nerves and give you new energy and life.

Cashew nuts too can also be used as one of the best home remedies for depression. They are rich in thiamine which forms part of group B vitamins. Cashew nuts are also very rich in riboflavin, a nutrient that has the ability to keep your body active, energetic and cheerful. Whet is even better cashew nuts can be used to stimulate appetite.  Therefore, if you have a low appetite due to the depressing situation, just eat as much cashew nuts as you can during the day.

The herb lemon balm can also be considered as one of the best home remedies for depression. It has the ability to alleviate brain fatigue. It lifts the spirits and heart from chronic depression and helps one to feel relaxed and at ease. For best results when using this remedy, consider a cold infusion of herb lemon balm and take it freely. Place thirty grams of herb lemon balm in half a litter of cold water and leave the mixture standing for twelve hours then strain the infusion and take it in small sips throughput the day till you begin to feel much better.  You will soon begin to feel calm due to the effect that the infusion has on your nerves. It should however be noted that if your condition seems to be deteriorating by the day, seek immediate professional assistance.

Home Remedies For Depression

How to Fight Depression and Overcome it

How To Fight Depression

how to fight depression

There is no doubt at all that depression is one of the most common emotional disorders in the world today. It affects men and women of all races in equal measures. The sad thing about this disorder is that it has claimed so many lives and goes on claiming more lives despite the fact that it can be prevented. Well that is just that.  Another bitter fact is that so many people know how to fight depression but only a few walk the talk.

Identifying the main cause of depression is the first step that should be taken in fighting depression.  Once you do this, you will be surprised that the depressing thing actually started out as just a simple mind boggling or stressing issue. You then failed to deal with it at that stage or even ignored it and so it grew into a mammoth called depression. Taming that mammoth and eventually killing it has proven to be a hard task. But have no worries as the fact that you identified the problem is a big stride on your way to overcoming depression.

As the adage goes, a problem shared is a problem half solved.  If you can get two or three friends that you can open up to and tell them of your woes, then that alone will have given you an upper hand. If you have reservations as to who to open up to, consider opening up to a psychologist. He or she will take you through a thorough talk therapy which could be all you need so as to get rid of the depression.

Nearly all the resources in the world today that offer tips on how to fight depression also talk of exercising as a way of putting depression under control. The importance of working out to combat depression can thus not be overlooked. It is a remedy that has numerous benefits beyond just getting rid of depression. You may not like it at fist or may even lack the urge to take part in any work out plan but just a day or two in the work out plan will help you get used to the whole idea. Exercising will facilitate enough blood circulation to your brain which helps you to be alert. It will also make you to focus on other important things and before you know it, the depressing thing will be fading out bit by bit. You may not know it or even notice it but depression can never be fought by thinking hard about stressing issues. That is in fact the first step to disaster.

Eating right is also an important home remedy for fighting depression. All you need to do is to ensure that your meals are always balanced full of green leafy vegetables and fruits. Be keen on vitamin B and Omega three fatty acids as they are most important nutrients when it comes to fighting depression. You can use their supplements but make sure that you do so under the supervision of a doctor. Alternatively, you can just consume foods rich in these vitamins such as most sea foods.

Remember to explore your mind and open it up to new ideas. This is one area that most resources offering tips on how to fight depression often ignore. Start painting, drawing or writing. This will keep your mind focused on other things and help you forget anything that is depressing. Alternatively you can get a board game and play with your family members or friends.

Then when all is ad and done, remember to always learn forget your past mistakes. Do not keep going back to the past and letting the scars of the past open up again. That is not just how to fight depression. It is in fact how to cause it or bring it about, something that no one wants. Hang around with your friends, get yourself a pet or make sure that you take part in your hobbies on daily basis. If things fail to improve, do not lose hope, everything great that has ever been took steps to greatness. So be patient with yourself as you seek professional medical assistance.

How To Fight Depression

How to Fight Depression Before it Claims Your Life

How To Fight Depression

How to Fight DepressionDepression is one of the most common emotional disorders today. It has claimed so many lives and sadly, it is still doing so at an alarming rate. This is despite the fact that so many people know how to fight depression and keep it at bay.  It therefore goes without saying that most people who suffer from depression either neglect the preventive measures or do not just know how to fight depression effectively. If you are in such a situation, you are not alone and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Knowing how to fight depression and keeping the condition under control are two different things. The starting point is usually identifying the main cause of depression. But before going into that much hassle, it is important to note that all forms of depression often begin as stress. If the stressing factor is not dealt with, it can then develop into depression. As such, it highly recommended to always keep off anything that can stress you or to deal with the stressing situation as soon as you can before things get out of hand.

Identifying symptoms of depression is also   a key element when it comes to leaning how to fight depression. In most cases, one may fail to note the symptoms and brush them aside as just dark hours. But getting into the finer details of the symptoms can reveal lots of things that you never knew such as chronic depression which can easily claim a life. The main symptoms are always lack of appetite, decreased libido, overeating, insomnia, suicidal thoughts and feelings of utter dejection and misery. If you have two or more of these symptoms, then the best thing you can do to save your skin is to seek immediate professional assistance.

Exercising is one of the best ways to fight depression. You do not need to spent hours working out. Just thirty minutes of jogging around, cycling or swimming is enough. This will help you to keep fit, focus on other things and keep you alert. It will also facilitate enough blood circulation to the brain and the other body parts. You can also consider yoga but please note that you have to be certain you are doing things the right way. Consult a skilled yoga therapist who can guide you through the entire yoga procedures that are used to fight depression.

Eating right is yet another important aspect of fighting depression. As a matter of fact, there is no journal or any depression resource that offers tips on how to fight depression without touching on diet. You just have to make sure that you eat right and that you never skip a meal. If you have to, then make sure that you always skip meals with the right meal reasons. Your meals should be full of green vegetables, fruits and enough water.   Consume foods that are rich in omega three fatty acids or use their supplements under the supervision of your doctor. Omega three fatty acids have the ability to boost brain activities, help you feel relaxed and facilitate overall wellbeing. These nutrients can be found in most sea foods like the tuna fish or salmon.

Opening up is also a remedy used in fighting depression.  By sharing your problems, you will have solved them by half. So get a friend you can trust and open up. Get the depression factor off your chest once and for all.  Opening up is what most psychologists refer to as talk therapy. If therefore you have reservations as to opening up to some people, you can consider opening up to a psychologist who will help you professionally.

Reading or participating in activities that can explore your imagination is also one way of fighting depression.  You do not need to read books on how to fight depression or visit sites that offer free tips on how to fight depression. All you need to do is to get a good book that you can enjoy reading or any activity such as a board game and actively participate in it with the people you love around you. If any of these tips fail to work or your condition keeps on deteriorating, please seek immediate professional assistance.

How To Fight Depression

How to fight Depression?

Depression can occur to anybody, both young and old. If a person suffers from a situation that his or her coping mechanism is affected will be bound for Diagnosing Depression. This mental condition affects the perception of a person towards life. Sometimes, they tend to avoid other people and they prefer to stay in a place where they live on their own. They are often seen talking with other people. They tend to lock-up themselves in a place and stares blankly. They doesn’t care about their grooming, they tend to avoid situations that will only worsen their condition. A good example for this is cases of post-traumatic stress disorder. People who suffered from an intense scenario causing trauma can eventually lead to Diagnosing Depression.

The importance of communication is very important especially to situations like this. We can’t deny the fact that sometimes we may encounter things that can challenge our ego and in the end it is up to us on how we are going to take the challenge. Some people who are optimistic enough to take the challenge and move on to another set of situations. Others who are pessimistic will end up losing hope and starting to deteriorate emotionally, physically and mentally.

Here are the few suggestions that can help you combat situations before Diagnosing Depression.

Establish a Good Social and Enhancing Spiritual Support System

–          It is good for you to have someone who m you can express your feelings after you suffered from a great deal of dilemma. Expressing what you feel can lessen the burden that you are suffering. Talking to your friends or other members of the family can help you ventilate your feelings. It is not good to keep the problems that make you worry to yourself alone. Take note, no man is an island. You need someone that can assist and guide you in facing these circumstances. Another suggestion is to communicate with the Supreme Being. The power of divine intervention is very helpful. Going to church and attending the mass can help the person lessen their worries. If they are not comfortable of telling what they feel to other people, this way they can ventilate their feelings through prayers. Support group is always available to hear your thoughts. Joining this group can help you combat feeling of depression.

Decrease the Stress Level

–          Many things that occurs in our daily lives. Stress is always been a part of it. We live with stress because through this, we learn, develop and grow. However, there are cases wherein the stress level is more than minimal. If this situation occurs, tendency is we panic and the anxiety level is higher than normal. To avoid this, we need to do relaxation techniques. Have an activity that serves as our outlet of feelings. Drawing, going to spa, shopping, watching movies or simply singing and dancing are good example of relaxation techniques that are useful before Diagnosing Depression.

Have a regular exercised

–          Exercises will help you release happy hormones in a form of serotonin and norepinephrine. These hormones which are released by the brain can help our body to function normally. It promotes good cardiac and pulmonary function. Aside from this benefit. It can also help us to maintain healthy body by just exerting a little effort and energy.

Eating healthy Foods

–          Diet is another important tip that is useful to combat situation before Diagnosing Depression. Avoiding unhealthy habits like drinking alcohol will help us to combat depression. The effect of the alcohol can influence the normal functioning of the body where the neurotransmitters will be affected. Eating healthy foods can also promote the normal function of the brain and eventually can help us to have good hormones in the body.

Love yourself

–          It is better to love yourself other than anyone else, that exclude the Supreme Being. Right after a very strenuous stress, you should reward yourself by doing things that will interest you most. It is better to this with your friends or family. While doing this, you can also open up all the situations that you have encountered and this can easily help you fight depression. It is very important that loving yourself will avoid negative thinking like committing suicide.

These are the common tips that can help you combat mental depression. It does not require you any expenses or worries. Love yourself and take it easy. Dealing with problems is not an easy task but having someone to help you will eventually work things well.

Depression during pregnancy

Depression during pregnancy or antepartum depression is a relatively common occurrence and can be dealt with if the right steps are followed. One in every ten women faces this condition. Pregnant women who have been depressed before face a higher risk of suffering from depression again during this time.

The rapid increases in levels of pregnancy hormones at the beginning of a pregnancy and imbalance in brain chemistry make one prone to depression. This can pose risks for the mother and the baby. There is a range of treatments available such as therapy, support groups and medication.

What causes depression during pregnancy?

Estrogen and progesterone are two main hormones that could be the main culprits, as they are the hormones responsible for mood swings. There are two main variants of depressive disorder: mild and major. The mild variant is when the person can go about their day-to-day activities but they don’t feel good about themselves and don’t always function optimally. Major or clinical antepartum depression, a condition more severe, affects the person’s ability to work and go about daily activities.

What are the risks of depression during pregnancy?

If depression during pregnancy goes untreated, then both the pregnant mother and child can be at risk. Such risks include pre-eclampsia, poor weight gain, unhealthy eating habits, use of drugs or alcohol in an attempt to self-medicate, or even suicide. There has even been recent insights that this condition can be a factor causing asthma in children.

Mothers who suffer from depressive disorder are not capable of taking care of themselves and have difficulty bonding with their baby. Babies who are born to depressed mothers have an increased chance of being born prematurely or having low birth weight. These babies also have a tendency to be more irritable, relatively less active, and less attentive as compared to other babies.

depression during pregnancyDepression during pregnancy can be spotted by watching out for typical symptoms portrayed by the mom-to-be. She may be having trouble sleeping, sleeping too much, lacking interest, having feelings of guilt, showing loss of energy, having difficulty concentrating, showing changes in appetite, showing restlessness or contemplating ideas about suicide. It’s difficult to accurately diagnose the condition because the symptoms are very similar to what a normal pregnant woman may otherwise be feeling (otherwise known as the baby blues). But if the woman is feeling upset or showing the above symptoms for more than 2 weeks at a time, it would be wise to seek professional help. Medications and antidepressants may be prescribed by your doctor to treat the depressive mood disorder.

To help the pregnant mom-to-be keep the feelings of hopelessness at bay, the most essential thing a partner can do is to show love and support. Give her protective care and make her feel like the most special woman in the world. If you are the one suffering from the ailment, exercise is another way to keep yourself feeling active and healthy. Ask your physician about which exercises suit you best and work out every day for at least 30mins. Yoga is a good option as it relaxes the body as well as the mind. Reading positive books is another solution. Whether it’s a religious text or just something you like, they will help uplift your mood and keep you happy.

Keep in mind that antepartum depression is a cause of concern no matter how minor, and should be treated as soon as possible for the well-being of the baby and the pregnant mother. Consult your doctor about the best ways to overcome depression during pregnancy or antepartum depressive disorder in a manner that is healthy and suits your body.

Natural remedies for depression

Natural remedies for depression are preferred to prescribed medication by some people, as they believe such remedies don’t harm the body, or perhaps they have tried medication which simply did not work for them.

Depression symptoms include a feeling of being lost, lack of energy, lack of interest, inexplicable sadness, change in eating habits, change in sleeping patterns, agitation and irritability. If any of these symptoms of depression occurs for longer than 2 weeks, you should first consult a doctor to confirm the depression condition.

If you’re already taking prior medication for depression, then you should take advice from a doctor before switching over to home remedies.

Natural remedies for depression: You are what you eat

Ultimately, nutrition plays a huge role in how we feel. Food is the fuel for our body and our mind. Just as you would physically feel weak if you don’t eat enough, you will mentally feel weak and eventually succumb to depression if you don’t maintain a good and healthy diet. Remember this adage: “You are what you eat”. So take extra effort in watching what you are eating.

Take light foods that are easy to digest, and avoid spicy oily foods. In addition, restrain yourself from eating too much meat or dairy products during the times that you feel depressed.

If you are not on one already, you should go on a diet that includes lots of vegetable and fruits. Avoid chocolates and caffeine because although they may provide a temporary boost, they are not a healthy option in the long run.

Vitamin C is an anti-depressant and one of the best natural remedies for depression, so you should eat foods that give you this particular vitamin in abundance such as oranges and lemons.

Another touted natural anti-depressant is Omega-3 fatty acids, which you can find in fish oil supplements.

Water as a natural remedy for depression

Water: the source of life. Your body can survive weeks or even months without food but only days without water. Water is arguably the most essential nutrient for our bodies. Getting enough clean drinking water is definitely a key role in maintaining the balance in our body and our brain. Most people know this, at least theoretically. It is thus surprising that so many people ignore this very basic natural remedy for all kinds of ailments including depression, and are essentially slightly or moderately dehydrated most of the time throughout their entire lives.

The most reliable way to know that you are getting enough water is to examine your urine color and smell. Pale, straw-colored urine with just a slight tinge of odor is what healthy individuals should aim for. A dark yellow color accompanied with a severely strong odor indicates that you should drink more plain water and not, for example, fruit juices, soft drinks, coffee, etc. A sweet odor could indicate something very wrong in your body. On the other hand, pure colorless urine means you are drinking more than enough, or perhaps too much. Besides the inconvenience of having to go to the restroom every few minutes, this is not normally a cause for worry. Note that pregnancy and some medication or even multivitamin tablets could cause harmless changes and even odor in urine color. If you are concerned, always check with your doctor.

Natural treatment for depression – Keeping active

Other than nutrition, one of the most commonly suggested natural depression treatments is this: you should exercise regularly to keep yourself active as well as to increase your energy levels and regulate your brain chemicals. It will keep you mentally as well as physically fit.

Don’t like exercising? Try starting off slow. If you are cooping yourself up at home all day, make the effort to get outside once in a while. Indulge yourself in activities that make you happy and participate in social gatherings. You may be reluctant at first, but you will feel much better once you try.

Keeping active is definitely one of the best and most highly recommended natural remedies for depression. You can take up dancing classes, yoga, hiking or gardening. If such physical activities are not “your thing”, then busy your mind instead by picking up new hobbies or crafts such as drawing, singing, playing a musical instrument, and so on.

Natural depression treatment – Volunteering

A great way to combat depression naturally is to help others. Volunteer work is a great way to not only keep yourself active, but to focus your thoughts away from your pain and towards others’ instead. This can even be the push you need to gain new perspective on perceived evils and suffering in the world.

You can even just start online instead of physically helping others. Reach out to others requiring help online, be it in forums or question-and-answer sites. You can start a blog to share what you have learned in your journey to overcome depression, which can help others. Or write funny stories, inspiring poems or motivational songs which help express your creativity and can assist others in overcoming their depression.

Herbal natural remedies for depression

St. John's Wort: One of the most popular herbal natural remedies for depression, available on Amazon.com
There are also some herbal remedies that have been proven to be effective to curb depression. One of the most popular ones is St. John’s Wort, which is typically used as a remedy for both mild depression and anxiety.

Ashwagandha is an herb that has properties to remove negative thoughts from the mind, and is effective in reducing stress. Cardamom is also used for relieving stress and depression. Its odor is known to soothe the nerves, so you can either just smell it or make tea using this herb. Another herb that is used commonly in the natural remedies for depression is Brahmi. The oil from this herb relaxes the mind and cools it down. If used regularly, it can go a long way in lifting your mood and keeping you from feeling depressed.

Thinking positively

Instead of focusing on what you don’t have or have lost, try to focus on what you do have or have achieved. This includes simple things such as having or gaining the ability to walk, the ability to type, the ability to see or hear the beauty of the world and its sounds.

If you stick to a healthy diet and are exercising regularly or at least keeping active on a daily basis, positive thoughts will naturally be easier to attain and maintain. Thinking positively is not easy, but keep in mind that being happy is ultimately a choice that one has to, and CAN make, regardless of one’s circumstances. The human mind is a powerful thing; never forget that.

All in all, natural cures for depression can be a viable alternative to medication, especially for mild to moderate depression. They are less likely to harm your system and their effects are typically more long-lasting. In addition, natural depression remedies have minimal side effects that can hamper you from going about your day to day life, unlike some antidepressants or drugs. Be sure to consult your doctor before usage so that such alternative depression treatments don’t react adversely with your current medication or allergies, or to make sure that your prior course of medication is completed before you switch to natural remedies for depression.