Fighting depression

Learning how to fight depression can be a difficult task as depression makes it difficult for you to go about your day to day tasks. Depression can be spotted through a change in sleeping patterns, lack of motivation, crying for no reason or even a change in eating habits. You may be sleeping for too long or too little, or you could be gouging on comfort food while some lose their appetites altogether. All of it varies from person to person.

If you put your mind to it, figuring out ways of how to fight depression can be fairly easy if you know what you have to do and don’t depend on the aid of pills. The first thing you should do is identify why you’re feeling depressed to start off with. Moods don’t just come out of nowhere; there’s always a reason. Keep a mood diary to see what triggers which moods so that you that you can identify your stress triggers. Don’t dwell on them but talk about them with someone your trust. Talking is the best way to let go of your feelings and feel relief. If you think that there isn’t anyone you can trust, then write down everything in a journal to get it out of your system. Once these thoughts and feelings are out, do something positive. Turn your attention to friends. They would love to know if they’re anything they can do to help you feel better. Continue reading